Not Even a Plane Can Take Down Jennifer Lawrence

It looks like the odds really were in her favor.

Jennifer Lawrence was on a private plane when one of the engines failed. That would be scary enough, but as the plane was on its way to an emergency landing site, a second engine went out. With two engines failing, Lawrence’s pilots managed to land the plane safely in Buffalo, New York.

I think Lawrence must be in love with that plane. First of all, those pilots totally bailed her out. Second, whenever she goes posting pictures, she’s always on that damn plane, and it looks swag as hell. When it seems like half the pilots out there are obsessing over posting sexy Instagram photos, Lawrence knows she’s rich enough to afford a couple who put her life first.

We all know Lawrence likes to travel, and that she’s pretty chill. She flew to Hawaii to score some weed. That of course conjures the image of the plane going down, Jennifer Lawrence sighing, and lighting up a huge blunt. Probably works better than the oxygen mask, and what’s the point of owning a plane if you don’t get high in the sky?

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Lawrence was flying home to visit her family (via E!).

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