Jerry Seinfeld Denies Kesha a Hug Because Who’s Kesha?

What’s it like meeting one of your idols? If you’re Kesha, not too good. Having recently recovered from a few L’s in her life, she now has to take a new one.

At a red carpet event Monday night, Kesha interrupted Jerry Seinfeld, who was in the middle of an interview, to tell him how much she loved him and asked for a hug.

Seinfeld was having none of it and told her “no, thanks”. Kesha tried a couple more times until Seinfeld finally put his hand up and recoiled in horror.

Kesha ended up skulking away. Probably to find a hole to die of embarrassment in.

Seinfeld told the interviewer, “I don’t know who that was,” before being told it was Kesha. And, still, he probably has no idea who that is.

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