Jerry Seinfeld Stood Up for Kathy Griffin… Why?

Kathy Griffin’s got one guy in her corner, at least. It’s Jerry Seinfeld, who basically tried to sweep her whole “hold a bloody Donald Trump mask up with a soulless expression” incident under the rug. He did it in an interview with PEOPLE. Seriously though, this should have been him as soon as he heard her name mentioned:

Look, Jerry. I get it. You’re sticking up for your fellow comedian. It’s kind of noble. Still, you said that it was just a “bad joke.” No… a bad joke is “What IS the deal with airline food?” That’s a trite one that got stale faster than the sodas they serve on the flights. Griffin’s was just disgusting, and it was also fodder for Trump to use to try to deflect attention away from the whole Russia investigation. She hurt the resistance instead of helping it.

“We all do it. That’s how we find the good jokes. So someone told a bad joke — so what, I don’t understand the big deal.”

Seinfeld’s also looking like a bit of a jerk, what with this whole no-hug thing with Kesha. Then again, this is a guy who picked up his wife while she was on her honeymoon.  He may be a buffoon sometimes, but he’s never held up the bloody mask of a sitting President.

Even though he’s going to bat for Griffin, I still don’t see him picking her up in his car for coffee.

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