Joss Whedon’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Hated Women

To some Joss Whedon is basically nerd Jesus. To others he’s the nerd anti-Christ. With details from his Wonder Woman script coming out, it’s easier to see him for the latter than the former.

Whedon has been a part of lots of geeky projects in his long Hollywood career. He did a draft of the X-Men script in 2000. Warner Bros hired him to do a script for a Wonder Woman movie in 2006. This is the guy who did Buffy, he totally knows what women are, right?

The script is less about Diana becoming Wonder Woman and more about her male sidekick Steve Trevor teaching her what it means to be a human being. Okay.

Throughout the movie, Diana is a sort of straw feminist, clueless and disrespected by everyone. One scene has her confronting the villain of the piece Bacchus by doing a sexy dance. Yikes. On the one hand, that’s a little surprising. On the other hand, that’s classic Whedon. The guy has included a lot of ladies doing sexy dances in his career.

The men of the script call her a bitch and a whore every chance they get. Everyone makes fun of her for wearing a skimpy costume.

We already got to see Whedon on the Avengers for better or for worse, but now he’s bringing his sensibilities to new properties. He’s finally directing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League and now, somewhat alarmingly, he’s slated to do a Batgirl movie. Is Whedon trying to pull a George Lucas and constantly talk about those “small projects” he wants to make while only directing blockbusters?

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6 years ago

Joss creates strong female characters.
Feminists declare him to be anti-women.