Katie Holmes Might Be Smarter Than You

When you think Katie Holmes, you probably don’t actually think about Katie Holmes. You probably think about Tom Cruise and how crazy that dude is.

Okay, maybe you’re a nerd and you think about her in that one Batman movie. Maybe you think about that really awkward fully-clothed sex scene she did in Thank You For Smoking. Katie is trying to change her story though. Katie is going back to school.

According to Page Six, Holmes is enrolling in Harvard’s Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports program. What have you been doing with your life? Katie Holmes has been raising her kid, fighting off all of Tom’s freaky advances, and now she’s going to be a student.

Holmes, 38, plans to enroll under the name of her company, Noelle Productions, Inc. The name, which is taken from her middle name, is supposed to maybe give her some semblance of anonymity. That didn’t last long.

It’s actually not uncommon for celebrities going back to school to do so under a company name like this. I guess Katie looked in the mirror, realized she was getting older, and decided to school all of us normal people.

This actually isn’t the first time Holmes has been to Harvard. Not as a student, but she went with Tom when they were still married. Well, Tom wasn’t a student either, but he was playing one, and apparently that’s good enough to be invited to give a guest lecture. I bet he was pretty pleased with himself. Listen Tom, it’s cool that you’ve got this death wish and do your own stunts and everything, but at the end of the day, you don’t have a real Harvard degree.

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