Katy Perry and Chris Martin About to Do It

Maybe I need to take a step back and someone can explain Katy Perry to me. She comes from a soft guitar Christian rock background. Then she kissed a girl, and she liked it. She became a superstar and took her abattoir of candy canes and teddy bears on the road. She’s bringing the bubblegum back to pop, she’s got this golly-gee-whiz attitude, but Perry is so thirsty I just can’t even.

I mean, I’m not totally missing the appeal. I can think of one (or two) reasons to be a fan. But I just don’t understand.

You know who’s not asking questions? Chris Martin of Coldplay, who was cozying up with Perry at Glastonbury.

A source said: “Chris and Katy were walking hand in hand through the hospitality area and looked like they were really enjoying each other’s company.

“She was wearing a big coat and hood to hide her face but kept whispering in his ear and laughing.”

“As soon as a fan recognised her, though, she dropped Chris’s hand and they both raced into the Winnebago area.”

This is all just one day after kissing Dua Lipa, so it’s pretty clear where his priorities are at the moment.

But like, are we worried about Katy? Is she an adult and she can make her own decisions? Is she sleeping around and it’s cool and empowered, or is she getting jerked around by jerky guys, or is she just being her the problem is me scrutinizing her like this? I want to understand Katy, I really do?

To be honest, I really should be worrying about Chris Martin. If he’s not careful, he’s just going to end up as another notch on Katy’s belt. Hopefully, above Orlando Bloom.

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