Kylie Jenner Posted a Weird-Ass Photo in One-Third of a Sweatshirt

Kylie Jenner’s being ridiculed by a lot of people again. No, she didn’t do a vomit-worthy Pepsi commercial like her sister Kendall. She took an Instagram photo of herself wearing a sweatshirt. Actually, she’s only wearing 1/3 of it… the rest of it apparently was torn to shreds by rabid weasels. Add the fact that she has the facial expression of a corpse and it’s a pretty ridiculous shot. I mean, look at it. I take the corpse comment back… they look more lively.

Of course, the internet being what it is, they went to town on the photo with a ton of people tweeting some savagely funny commentary on the piece. I can’t say I blame them. The one-third shirt look can look quite sexy on a woman… it was a staple of the 1980’s. Those shirts didn’t look like they had been cut by a chainsaw though.

This mere blip of a fashion mistake won’t stick long on Jenner though. Someone else will do something dumb or wear something dumb which will cause everyone’s attention to shift elsewhere. Let’s just enjoy pointing and laughing for now.

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