The Sideboob Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Want You to See

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have a new strategy. Instagram a photo out and then quickly delete it. Whoopsie! Except, nah, wasn’t no accident. They wanted people to talk about their “racy photo.”


It worked.

Lohan Instagrammed out a pic of her on all fours in bed. She stares back while her boobs, or at least the right one, sways freely like a partially filled plastic bag stuck on a tree. We in the business call that “sideboob.”

In Touch Weekly gladly saved it for all you pervs.

I’m closing my eyes and imagining this is Lindsay Lohan from 10 years ago. Is Lindsay still waiting for Mean Girls 2 to come out? It’s the only gravy train in her sight.

While she waits for the crew to get back together, she’s hawking her own jewelry. Oh, yeaa. *nods heads* This’ll definitely take off. She hashtagged #LohanJewelry to whet our appetites.

Instead of jewelry, Lohan should hawk videos on accents: “How to fake an unidentifiable accent.”

Is the accent British? Middle Eastern? It’s like a mix of Middle Eastern and Woody Allen.

I’ll give it up to Lindsay. She’s rather worldly. She’s faking accents, reading the Koran and making movies about Russian oligarchs. She  was recently even in Monaco checking out F1 racing cars, and probably their drivers too.

Somebody get her job stat.

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