This Brit Made Sure to Bring His Beer During Terror Attack

It was a terrible night in London on June 3. Three suspected terrorists killed seven people and sent 48 others to hospitals. There’s no denying that it rattled many people – who wouldn’t be shaken by a van driving into crowds of people and then stabbing many¬†others.

There were some badasses in the London crowd, though. One off-duty officer, who had been stabbed, took on the attackers with nothing but his baton. Then, there was this gentleman [Ed. note: ID’d as Paul Armstrong from Maghull], who was spotted fleeing the scene, alcoholic beverage in hand. He was NOT going to leave that drink behind.

Of course, there are some that say that an Australian would have likely found a safe spot, finished the drink, and then wandered off. There are those who are worried about this affecting the quality of life in Britain. ¬†Some idiots say that this kind of terrorism is new to England. Yeah, I’ve got three letters for them to think about: IRA. They are the reason that London didn’t have garbage cans for the longest time. I remember visiting back in the 1990s and thinking, “I’m going to have to carry this bag of trash around to the hotel, aren’t I?”

I’d have to say that if there were open alcoholic beverage laws in London, they should be overlooked in this case. “Wot’s this? You’re being brought in for carrying a mug of beer on the streets?” “It was June 3, during the attack..” “Oh… right on. Never mind. Charges dismissed!” To be honest, I like this guy’s priorities. OK, well, if I had to choose between carrying my beer or my kid, my kid would win, of course.

Here’s hoping that he’ll be able to have a more leisurely drink this upcoming Saturday and beyond.

[Image: @LyntonSpins]

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