Lorde’s Secret Instagram Account

Lorde likes onion rings and wanted to keep it a secret. Unfortunately for her, this is the internet, and there are no secrets.

The Instagram account onionringsworldwide was an account that, you guessed it, posted about onion rings from around the world. The description read, “Every onion ring I encounter, rated.” The account had 24 followers and followed no one, making it a pretty non-descript account. However, one of those followers was Lorde. And other followers were members of Lorde’s team.

This led a 17-year-old to investigate.

He or she found out that the onion ring reviews came from locations near where Lorde was performing. He or she also investigated the fingernails in the onion ring photos and compared them to Lorde’s fingernails. This 17-year-old is more thorough than journalists who get paid thousands of dollars every year and I’m very worried about my job right now.

The account has since been shutdown because it seems obvious that Lorde didn’t want to bring attention to the account. And this investigation brought some attention to it. Poor Lorde, how will she secretly rate onion rings on the Internet now?

Lorde’s new album ‘Melodrama’ drops this week. Can’t wait to pick out all of the onion ring references.

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