Murthel Groenhart KO’s Harut Grigorian in Insane Finish, Gets Jaw Broken by Spectators

Murthel Groenhart knocked out Harut Grigorian at Glory 42 in Paris, France in one of the strangest finishes in recent history. During the fight, Groenhart landed a knee to Grigorian’s face and for some reason Grigorian wandered away like this was the point in his life he realized that fighting really hurts.

Unfortunately for him, walking away doesn’t end a fight. As Grigorian was taking his stroll, Groenhart came up from the side and dropped him with a hard right hook sending him to the afterlife.

It seems like a couple of spectators felt this was a sucker punch and rushed the ring for some vengeance. Before they could be pulled away, they threw a couple of punches leaving Groenhart with possibly a broken jaw.

Luckily for them, Groenhart decided not to fight back because if he did, they would have quickly found out that concussions aren’t fun.

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