New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Footage is Soaked in Sepia

A new behind the scenes look at the upcoming Blade Runner sequel contains a ton of new footage. I’m of a few different mindsets about it.

The footage is damn gorgeous. Drenched in gold, the familiar cyberpunk cityscapes look real good with a modern budget.

Still, I can’t get too excited for yet another sequel to a movie that was cool 30 years ago. Harrison Ford for one looks like he’s doing everything with a gun to his head. Every nice thing he had to say in interviews, he was looking past the camera at the gunman holding the cue cards.

The new footage works as a bunch of paintings, but I have no idea what this movie is supposed to be about. Everyone just mumbles vague things on pretty sets. Then again, I didn’t really understand the original Blade Runner either. Then again, I hear Harrison Ford punches Ryan Gosling in the face, and Gosling has a very punchable face. That could worth the price of admission alone.

Harrison Ford needs to take a break from all this sequel making for a little while. At least until someone greenlights our Air Force One sequel ideaAir Force Two is gonna be dope people!

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