Nine Inch Nails Played on ‘Twin Peaks’ and It was Pretty Awesome

Every few years Nine Inch Nails emerge from their cocoons. Twin Peaks director David Lynch emerges even less often. When they do, it’s something to remember. Even more so when they combine forces.

Nine Inch Nails performed at the Roadhouse and it’s pretty awesome to see Nine Inch Nails not lose any power over the years.

They sang “She’s Gone Away” off their latest album, Not The Actual Events. 2017 looks pretty good for these guys. Fans should be excited. They have the Twin Peaks performance. While they don’t have a full-on tour right now, they do play more than a few shows during the summer.

Twin Peaks, meanwhile, has been getting amazing reviews. Although David Lynch mentioned retiring, doubtful that happens with so much talent this guy has left.

Go check out Twin Peaks on Showtime now. If you don’t have Showtime, go make friends with someone who does and invite yourself over.

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