Guy Kidnaps Family and Forces Them to Shop at Target

In a story that hits close to home, a man in Durham, North Carolina was arrested for kidnapping a family and forcing them to shop at Target.

I live in Durham, NC. I shop at Target.

Rollin Anthony Owens Jr. got bored on Tuesday night, so instead of playing video games like a normal person, he decided knock on a stranger’s door and kidnap them. Owens Jr. held the family of four at gunpoint, forced them into the car, and made them drive to Target, where they purchased gift cards and clothing.

Because keeping track of a family of four is tough and holding a gun in plain sight kind of gives you away, one of the victims alerted a store manager to the situation. The manager called the cops, who happened to be in the parking lot, and arrested Owens. Owens was charged with several counts of second-degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon. He’s also connected to three other robberies, two of which involve kidnapping.

Ok, I can only assume that he had help in the three other robberies because there’s no way this guy got away with three robberies on his own. If he did, I’m strongly considering moving because our Durham police force is slipping.

If Owens really wanted to pull this off, he would have taken them to WalMart.

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