Passenger Mistakes Plane’s Engine for Wishing Well Causing Five Hour Delay

In the greatest news you’ll read all day, an 80-year-old lady in Shanghai delayed a flight five hours because she decided to throw coins into the plane’s engine.

This is so much better than a flight being delayed because someone refuses to give up their seat.

Her reasoning for throwing coins into the engine was simple: to bring good luck. She’s 80-years-old. She probably thought the big deep circle was a wishing well. Sounds like an honest mistake to me. She was detained by police. While she broke a law and could have been detained for five days, because she’s over 70, they couldn’t keep her. I know where I’m moving when I turn 70.

Officials removed the coins from the engine and the plane underwent a full inspection. Here’s the evidence:

That looks to be less than a dollars worth of coins. If I could waste 50 cents to ensure my safety on a flight, I would definitely do it.

You are the hero of the day, 80-year-old lady.

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