Pia Muehlenbeck, Hottest Law School Graduate in the World

Notice I didn’t say lawyer. Pia Muehlenbeck is a law school grad according to her bio. She doesn’t call herself a lawyer though, probably because she still has to take the bar. Something probably came up between graduation and the exam. Maybe thousands of boners. Because why go to law school if you can go on Instagram, travel and take pictures with your husband? No doubt she makes decent money for doing all this.

Muehlenbeck and her husband, Kane Vato (awesome name, btw), have a YouTube channel documenting all their adventures. It’s also where Vato has to be¬†Muehlenbeck’s permanent photographer. Guess that’s the drawback of dating an Instagram model. Sometimes you just wanna drink a beer at the beach, but nooo, now you gotta photograph your hot wife in a bathing suit for an hour.

Check out¬†Muehlenbeck’s Instagram. If you guessed that she’s in her lingerie or bikini a lot, you’re a genius. No wonder they put you on lead register.

If you really need to get away from your boring life, check out Kane and Pia’s YouTube channel.

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