Rihanna’s Heckling and Dabbing Means Warriors in Four

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was last night, and it went about how everyone expected it to go. The Warriors won easily and will likely do so three more times. Not even angry LeBron can slow down this team.

And not even Rihanna can distract Kevin Durant from finally winning his first NBA championship.

Rihanna, a LeBron fan, tried her best to get in Durant’s head, but we learned last year that this is not the way to do it. You have to be nice to Durant and treat him like he’s your best friend. If you do that, he’ll choke away a 3-1 lead and end up joining you, so there’s less pressure on himself. When will these people learn?

Rihanna made things worse by dabbing.

The dab has been dead since Cam Newton lost Super Bowl 50. Any attempts to revive it are ill-conceived. Using it ensures second place. Good job, Rihanna, you’ve completely sabotaged the Cavs in this series with your heckling and dabbing.

Durant claimed that he didn’t remember staring down Rihanna, but that answer is unsurprising from him. Bet he doesn’t remember this tweet either.

See, Rihanna? Love him back and Cavaliers in five.

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