‘Road Rules’ Star Danny Dias May Have Killed Himself

Former reality TV star Danny Dias – he was on Road Rules in 2004 – was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn on Monday. Well, that’s according to one account. Another said he was found unresponsive in the same place on Saturday. Either way, he was discovered bereft of life, and it seems like it was a suicide.

Apparently, he had been with some friends on that Saturday. They supposedly took LSD and mushrooms. He then freaked out and raced into his room and his friends left him. They said they tried to contact him the next day and then investigated on Monday.

Now here’s the thing – he was allegedly tripping and ran into his room on Saturday… and no one checked on him until Monday? I feel for those rescue workers who broke into his place – if he’d been dead since Saturday… chances are good that he smelled, um… rank. Then again, I’m sure that this is nothing new for those workers.

Does it suck that a 30-ish guy (even his age isn’t certain… media had it at either 33 or 34) died? Yes. Still, there are plenty of people out there who have died from either suicide or drug overdoses and they don’t even get a blip on TMZ. We’re not talking about a Chris Cornell-level talent here. Dias was good at allowing cameras to be trained on him for 24 hours a day for a while. I don’t even remember the guy… which means reality TV is a lot like junk food. There’s not a whole lot memorable about it.

So… drugs are bad… mkay? Also, “friends” who don’t check on you immediately after a bad trip suck.

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