Sean Penn Still Crazy

Sean Penn is one of those celebrities that people conveniently forget is crazy. We’ll make fun of Tom Cruise until the world ends, but always seem to forget that Johnny Depp and Sean Penn are terrible people.

Penn has a well established history of freaking out at people that most of us actually like. So it’s not too surprising that he laid into musician Jimmy Giannopoulos. Or that he did it in front of his wife, Robin Wright. Giannopoulos dates their daughter, so maybe that has something to do with it? Nah, Sean Penn is crazy.

‘Sean had his cell phone in his hand and held it up to Jimmy’s face to show him the screen.  A heated exchange followed, and Sean’s face got redder and redder as he confronted Jimmy with whatever was on the phone,’ one eyewitness recalled.

Things got so intense that Robin Wright started crying. Was it because of what Giannopoulos did or said? Or was it because Sean Penn looks like a scary tomato monster when he’s mad?

In other news, why are all these hotties into Sean Penn? Robin Wright should be way out of his league. He dated Scarlett Johansson, remember that? WTF? Don’t they all know that he’s an abusive rage monster? He likes to hang out with notorious murderers for a reason. Because he’s crazy. No seriously, we all need to stop enabling Sean Penn. That dude needs to learn.

Sean Penn is so crazy, he makes Tom Cruise look sane standing next to him.

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