Seth Rogen Watched ‘Rogue One’ High on Edibles and Couldn’t Take It

Seth Rogen likes to get high. But what happens when Seth Rogen gets too high? He starts freaking out in the middle of watching Rogue One.

It turns out, that while Rogen loves smoking weed, edibles aren’t really his thing. Rogen revealed to Howard Stern what happens when you mix a weed gummy with Star Wars:

“I turned to my wife, like, 20 minutes into the movie, and was like, ‘Is this the most intense movie that’s ever been made?’ And she was like, ‘No.'”

“I’m just like, ‘How long is this movie? I have to drive home from this. Am I still going to be high? My father-in-law is here. What the f–k am I doing? They’re blowing up planets, what the f–k?’”

In fairness to Seth, Star Wars movies are very intense, even if you’re sober.

Rogen probably should have known not to try edibles when even Snoop Dogg told him to stay away.

“I was talking to Snoop Dogg about edibles, and I was like, ‘You f— with edibles, man?’ And he said, ‘I don’t f— with edibles ’cause they ain’t got no off button. And I thought, that is a good way of putting it. He’s very poetic.”

I’m now wondering if edibles are the strongest drug known to man. If they’re too strong for Snoop, who exactly is able to handle them? Willie Nelson is my only guess. If Willie is against edibles, they should probably be banned.

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