Smash Mouth Accidentally Allies With the Nazis

Nazis. I hate those guys. And they seem to be everywhere. Nazis are somehow so ubiquitous in 2017 that past their prime pop group Smash Mouth is accidentally tweeting in solidarity with them.

It’s not like the band has seemed OK for a while. I know they’re living off of that sweet, sweet Shrek cash, but they still seem to be barely holding it together.

So Smash Mouth thought they were retweeting some fun fan art of their most famous (only famous?) song. Little did they know, they were retweeting Nazi hentai art. Yes, really.

So who is Shadman with an umlaut? I’ll spare you an uncomfortable Google search. Shadman has been drawing smutty art since at least 2009. It runs from the weird to the explicitly pedophilic. He’s really into the idea of banging the Wendy’s mascot. He’s also one of those fun internet Nazis who swears they’re just doing Nazi stuff to troll people. You know, because heiling Hitler is so much better when you know you’re doing it secretly ironically.

So human piece of garbage Shadman decided to do some Smash Mouth art. He drew the girl with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead of the famous Smash Mouth lyric. He tweeted it. And lo and behold, Smash Mouth tweeted it to, adding the message “This is super cool!”

It’s not super cool, but then again, they are Smash Mouth. They’ve had no idea what “super cool” has meant since 2002.

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2 years ago

If that stick was any further up your ass it would be coming out your throat. You’re an idiot and this article is a joke.

8 months ago

what in the hell is wrong in that guys mind?????????????????