Steve Harvey Hopes Flint Enjoys Their ‘Brown Glass of Water’

I didn’t even know Steve Harvey was a comedian until moving to the Midwest. I thought he was a game show host with a face made for gifs. Oh, and that he was that idiot who screwed up crowning the winner of a beauty pageant. It turns out though that to Midwesterners, Steve Harvey is a big deal. Though that effect seems to be highly regional.

Maybe that’s why some people are taking his jokes so seriously. Ironic, isn’t it? On his radio show (which is a thing that Steve Harvey has apparently), he told a caller from Flint, Michigan to “enjoy your nice brown glass of water.” That sounds about right, what I’d expect from a goof like Harvey, who tends to make Larry the Cable Guy look like Soren Kierkegaard.

But people in Flint are freaking out. The mayor is demanding an official apology. She said:

“I was deeply saddened by your comments about our city. While I feel it was not meant to be an intentional hurt or insult against the citizens of this community, it was… As Mayor, I would appreciate, on behalf of the citizens of this community, a public apology.”

Harvey claims he was just trash talking with a fellow basketball fan. Listen guys, I get that what Harvey said may be offensive, but lots of idiots are saying lots of stupid things. I didn’t even know that Steve Harvey existed, and my life was better for it. If you ignore him, he will go away.

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