T.J. Miller Explains His ‘Silicon Valley’ Exit. Kinda.

T.J. Miller finally decided to let us know his thinking about why he’s leaving Silicon Valley. Sort of. He went on Larry King Now and I have to say that I was distracted at first with his Gangster Steve Urkel look. He was wearing a suit with a bow tie and a really thick gold chain.

I was also not entirely paying attention because I was pondering how long King will keep interviewing people, given that he’s 83 now. Probably when he’s 100.

Miller may say that he’s comfortable leaving the show and having uncertainty in his life job-wise. He’s got a full plate for now. He’s got roles in two big franchises – How to Train Your Dragon and Deadpool. One of them’s a voiceover and some guy named Ryan Reynolds has top billing in the other, but he’s going to be drawing a paycheck.

Sure, it might make him push himself to reach even greater success. He also runs the risks of joining a lot of actors who have left successful shows for supposedly greener pastures and found that wasn’t the case. I’m thinking of people like David Caruso and Shelley Long.

Who knows where the post-Miller Silicon Valley will wind up after this? Even the streaming giants are starting to get a lot more picky with the money that they spend. Netflix decided to bid adieu to Sense8 after two seasons, much to the chagrin of the fans and the Wachowski siblings. The show may thrive in his absence or it might tank faster than Joey.

In any event, Miller has decided to challenge himself, and we’ll see if that’s the right decision down the road. He should work on his wardrobe first, though.

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