T-Pain Writes Epic Yearbook Quote for Teen

Do you remember picking a high school yearbook quote? Man, that was the worst. Everyone trying to outdo each other with pretentious poems or instantly dated song lyrics. If only we had Twitter back then, maybe I could have tweeted at a famous rapper and had him come up with a quote for me.

That was Gabriel Silvan’s dream. He’s basically the world’s number one T-Pain fan. T-Pain just gets him man. At 17 he’s already in love with a stripper.

Gabe tweeted T-Pain “@TPAIN give me a senior quote please:)”

Ask and you shall receive, T-Pain hit him back with a quote almost immediately.

“People don’t think it be like it be, but it do,” T-Pain told him.

What does that even mean? I think that’s actually deep. Seriously, I think I’m going to have to re-listen to T-Pain’s entire discography with a new critical lens. That man deserves to be treated like the poet that he is.

Gabriel went through with it, tweeting out a picture of the yearbook page.

It made his day, and probably his life. When T-Pain saw it, he smiled a big solid gold smile. The rapper tweeted back a slow clap and his congratulations. “This is the kind of s**t I live for,” he said, “you did it bro. Killed it.”

I’m insanely jealous of Gabriel, who avoided a high school nightmare, and replaced it with words of wisdom from his hero.

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