Taylor Swift Pulls Ultimate Petty Move Against Katy Perry

Instead of getting catty, Taylor Swift is deciding to get petty in her feud with Katy Perry. Perry’s new album, Witness, dropped today. No one cared because her Grammy performance was bad, “Bon Appetit” was food porn in the form of music, and “Swish Swish” was a terrible attempt at a diss track.

To ensure that no one would listen to Katy’s new album, Taylor decided to put her back catalog online the same night Perry’s album hit streaming services.

A clever disguise, but this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing move. I respect it, though. I’m all about being petty and this is an A+ petty tactic. This is a no-lose situation for Taylor. She makes money through the streaming service, and if for some reason her nearly three-year-old album out-streams Perry’s new album, that’s an ultimate victory.

But, don’t let this distract from the fact that Perry’s new album is bad and she should pull it from streaming services so people don’t accidentally listen.

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