Tomi Lahren Trolled by Alaska Airlines

That little snowflake Tomi Lahren got slapped down by Alaska Airlines. The ex-Blaze staffer tweeted out a complaint about the airline recently.

Fair enough.

To their credit, Alaska Airlines tweeted back to help her out.

Except they asked “Tami” how they could help with her problems. Hehe.

No doubt this amused the rapper Wale.

The story is that Wale dissed Lahren in his song “Smile,” but called her Tami. No doubt on purpose.

At that time, Lahren tweeted:

So if you’re gonna put someone in a song…diss ’em.. perhaps get their fricken name right next time @Wale

Wale tweeted back: “Ok Tammy”.

Twitter had a good laugh this time around. Of course, most jumped on Alaska Airlines’ nuts.

Lahren and The Blaze recently settled their lawsuit, Lahren took her 4.3 million Facebook followers and looked for the next job opportunity. There was speculation that Fox News would sign Lahren as their new talking head. She fits their type: blonde, attractive. Can she be sexually harassed? That’s their next requirement.

Right now, she’s still not a Fox News host and only a guest (see: Tucker Carlson Tonight.) She also emcees dinners. Sooo, on the level of a wedding singer.

She’s posting selfies on Instagram to stay relevant. We’ll see how long that lasts. Also, how come none of her selfies are in frame??? That’s bothersome.

Do you think she sleeps on red, white and blue bedsheets? Seems like she would.

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Mark Volker
Mark Volker
5 years ago

Another “Prolatariate” website spreading hate…