Wanna See Gal Gadot in a Seashell Bikini?

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman now, kicking ass and inspiring schoolkids to become feminists. But before she was the Princess of Themyscira she did a lot of weird jobs. A lot of them are starting to surface now that she’s a big star. This one has to be the weirdest.

She starred across from Vin Diesel. She was the 2004 Miss Universe. Before that though, she lived in a whole new world, a world of weird mermaid performances.

Footage has surfaced (sorry, pun seriously not intended) of Gadot in a 2009 Israeli Hanukkah special. Raising money for kids, Gadot made one fine mermaid. She had the obligatory bra made of seashells that Disney raised us all on, and despite what some might say to the contrary, she is pulling it off. She didn’t sing a Disney song, but instead a love ballad in her native Hebrew. She actually ┬ásounds pretty good.

So she can sing, she looks hot in a uniform, she raises money for charity, she’s been multiple mythical beings… are we sure Gal Gadot is fully human? She’s not some sort of mythical being? At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Gadot turned out to be a goddamn real life superhero.

The performance itself is actually pretty weird but props to Israel. American public access doesn’t have sexy mermaids or a budget half this impressive.

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