Waterslide Video Sparks the Great Boob Debate

Check out this video of 6 girls going down a water slide and eating it.

In and of itself it’s pretty amazing in that it’s a bunch of girls in bikinis sliding down a killer slide and biffing. But look closer. Check out that one girl in the middle of the pack wearing what looks like pink pasties. Now take a closer look. They’re not pasties. As an astute nipple enthusiast on Reddit noticed, these are censor blocks that were added after the fact. Allow me to ENHANCE!

You see that still? The pink pasties aren’t there. Now let’s take a look a little later in the video.

Ah ha! See? The pasties are now visible. So what does this mean to you, curious reader? It means you just wasted 3 minutes trying to make out a pair of blurry nipples belonging to someone you don’t know. You pervert.

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