Who’s Getting #BlockedByTrump

We live in a bizarre techno hell world where a manchild, rapist, and Twitter bully is our president. Yes, a literal Twitter troll known for tweeting incoherently and using Twitter to attack dozens of people, businesses, and entities at random can bomb literally whoever he wants.

It turns out, despite being an expert at dishing it out, Donald Trump can’t take it. In fact, in what might end up being another one of the 50 things he’s currently being sued for or investigated for while in office, he’s blocking anyone on Twitter who actively disagrees with him.

If you’re a manager at Chili’s, you can totally do that on your personal account. When you represent the United States government, doing that is a violation of free speech and can get you hella sued.

Check out some of the many people Trump has blocked, a lot of who are wearing it like a badge of honor in the #BlockedByTrump Twitter hashtag.

Stephen King 

Did he do it because famous horror novelist Stephen King is so spooky? No. Trump can barely read. King has been calling him out for being a fuckhead for over a year.

Rob Szczerba 

If you’re wondering who the f**k that is, it really doesn’t matter. One “covfefe” joke was all it took for this rando to blocked by the literal leader of the free world.


VoteVets is a liberal veterans’ organization 500,000 vets deep that has been highly critical of Trump for months and months. Yes, he blocked the Twitter account of a large veterans’ organization that disagrees with him.

Brandon Neely 

This former Guantanamo Bay guard says he’s been blocked. So have a number of activists and Trump critics.

Marina Sirtis

The former Star Trek: The Next Generation actress was blocked for calling out Trump. She has called him “The Orange Menace” on Twitter more than once.

Bess Kalb

Kalb is a writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and The New Yorker, who responds to all of Trump’s Tweets mocking him and dishes out gems like this.

AJ Joshi

We think this entrepreneur may have been blocked based on this Tweet alone.

Andy Signore

Yeah, the President of the United States blocked a guy who makes funny YouTube videos on Twitter. The creator of Honest Trailers was likely blocked for only this one tweet.

But Hillary’s emails tho.

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