‘Wonder Woman’ Is Already Changing Kids

Wonder Woman is a big hit, bigger than Warner Bros even knows what to do with. Not only is it raking in considerable box office cash, it’s got the acclaim of critics and fans alike. It’s a big deal.

Unlike the other DC superhero movies, it managed to score some fans outside of the demographic of insecure men and dudes with moms named Martha. The movie is loved by, yes, women and in the case of one classroom, little kids as well. Not bad for a movie starring a little known Israeli model turned actress.

The film’s director Patty Jenkins shared the reactions of one class of kindergartners and the results were enough to warm even my cold, cynical heart. There was the little girl who agreed that Wonder Woman was better than Frozen. Then there was the girl who made her parents cancel her Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party so she could party down Amazon style.

My favorite though, was the group of girls who started to argue about who would get to be Wonder Woman on the playground. They compromised and decided to all be Amazons, who worked together to defeat evil instead of fighting each other. Kids would have never walked out of Batman v Superman with that idea. The next day, a kid came to recess having memorized every female superhero’s name and powers so that all of the girls could be a superhero.

Is your heart not warmed you monsters?

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