XXXTENTACION Can’t Lip Sync Anymore After Getting KO’d

I don’t know what a XXXTentacion is, but I know he lip syncs. XXXTentacion was at The Observatory North Park in San Diego where he got dropped by someone onstage.

Notice how after he gets knocked out, the music keeps going and sounds exactly the same as when he was conscious. Since he’s not an attractive female, no one probably cares that he lip syncs.

To his credit, XXXTentacion seems fine with getting punched in the mouth during his own show.

I don’t think claiming you were set up and dismissing it as, “It is what it is,” is talking s**t, but trash talk passed me by a long time ago.

XXXTentacion, 19, is currently beefing with Rob Stone, 22.

Shouldn’t these dudes be in college getting drunk together? Alcohol solves everything. Or makes it worse.

The onstage fight escalated outside, where a riot broke out.

Rap fans are crazy, man.

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