Aaron Carter Wants You to Feel Sorry for Him as He Shows Off His Abs

Aaron Carter wants you to know that he’s not a meth head. He looks the way he does because he’s a high school girl with an eating disorder. The official diagnosis is a hiatal hernia.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Carter detailed his disorder.

“I have a stress condition of an 80-year-old man,” he explained. “I am also lactose intolerant.”

So he’s like 100 percent of the population in that he’s extremely stressed and like 65 percent of the population in that he’s lactose intolerant.

“[I weigh] 135, 140,” he said. “Yeah, and I’m 5’8. [Doctors] said avoid stress. Because I can develop cancer.”

How much did he pay doctors to tell him to “avoid stress”? Because I would have charged him half to say the same thing. Telling someone to “avoid stress” is like tell someone to “stay hydrated.” Maybe if the doctors had told him that as well, he wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital.

“How would you feel every two seconds, seeing a tweet, ‘You have AIDS. Go die. Oh, look at this meth head. Oh, meth kills. Crack kills,'” he asked. “It’s body shaming and it’s the toughest thing to deal with.”

I don’t condone bullying, but if you’re famous and on social media, it’s going to happen. I’m not even famous and I get told that I’m dumb and should kill myself on Twitter every couple of days. You just have to shake it off and move forward. Or get off social media.

“I… I’m sorry,” he said, as tears erupted. “I am sorry for the way that I look.”

“To everybody I say, ‘Give me a break so I can look better, so I can eat,'” he urged.

God made you how he made you, man. And what’s preventing him from eating? Stressful situations?

“Unless you’re in my body, you don’t know. I mean, look at that,” he said, lifting his shirt to reveal his abs. “I have an eight-pack.”

Is he bragging now? This whole interview is so confusing.

“You don’t [see it a lot with male celebrities] but it does happen. A lot more,” he continued. “The difference is, men are a lot more prideful. We don’t want to admit it. I don’t want to admit I don’t look good.”

“I’m actually becoming a voice for people who are going through this.”

Thank you, Stressed God Aaron Carter.

Watch the full interview below if you want to see how far your eyes can roll back in your head.

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