Ariel Winter Doesn’t Know What Love Is But Tattoos It on Her Butt Anyway

Ariel Winter isn’t looking for attention when she dresses like a normal 19-year-old or shows off her new butt tattoo.

That’s right, she got a tattoo on her butt that she, of course, had to share with everyone.

The quote reads, “Love risks everything and asks for nothing.” Some Persian poet named Rumi came up with that quote. Rumi has clearly never been in love because most of us can tell you that it asks for a ton. In fact, nothing in your life will ask you for more than love.

But, Ariel is only 19. While she’s probably claimed to be in love half a dozen times, she’s never been in love. When she finally is in love, she’ll immediately regret that tattoo and realize that it’s a stupid quote.

It’s not like she was going to hide it for very long given her choice of swimwear. So I admire her for just coming out with it.

God bless you, Ariel.

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