Ariel Winter is Sick of Your Negativity

Ariel Winter likes to wear shorts that don’t cover ass and she doesn’t really care what you think about that fact, which I think is great. She made a post on Twitter telling the world that, essentially, ┬áif they don’t like the way her ass looks in said shorts, then they can kiss it.

The young Modern Family star has never really seemed to like wearing anything that covers any part of her legs. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps her thighs are allergic to any sort of fiber. Maybe it’s just hot in California.

Winter is also sick of people implying that she’s fat. Which is fair. She may be a bit thicker than your typical Hollywood starlet but she’s pretty far from being fat. I suppose when it comes to Ariel, people will find anything to complain about.

I actually entirely support her and not just because she’s gorgeous. She’s spent most of her life in the public eye and grew up on America’s second highest rated comedy series. She’s 19, let her enjoy her life a little before she becomes unemployable in her 30’s and has to supplement her income with appearances on whatever show replaces Dr. Phil in 2030.

You can see Ariel Winter on Modern Family, which should start filming its ninth season any day now. She plays Alex Dunphy, a character who is portrayed as unattractive despite looking exactly like Ariel Winter in glasses.

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