The Most Awkward Trump Handshake Yet

Donald Trump sucks, and he sucks at doing all of the things he’s supposed to be good at. The author of the art of the deal can’t make a deal. He golfs every single week, and he’s not even a good golfer. Business-like handshakes are an important part of business, but the president famously shakes hands like a starving caveman who thinks he’s gripping a meal. He may have topped himself in Paris.

When Trump confronted similarly inexperienced but much smarter French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, the Frenchman was ready for the stupid trump grip. With steely eyes, Macron dared Trump to do his usual grab-n-yank, and Trump was intimidated. By a French Economist.

Being a craven loser, Trump decided to get his revenge on the Prime Minister’s wife. He grabbed her, pulled her in for the double-cheek kiss, then grabbed her hands and yanked them. You can see her trying to retain her dignity, but the coward with the title of the most powerful man in the world gave in to his predatory instincts to abuse women.

I guess if you’re too afraid of your co-worker, just be mean to his wife. That’s some business advice from the Celebrity Apprentice guy.

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3 years ago

Jacob hill you suck!

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