That Bella Thorne Masturbation Video Is Totally Fake

On Thursday, a video claiming to be of Bella Thorne rubbing one out in her car started making its way around the web. People said it was from her Snapchat and that she was saying something like, “Oh finally, I really needed a father,” while she was paddling the pink canoe. Which a really weird thing to say while you’re jillin’ off. Save that s**t for sex. Check out the video for yourself.

Before you get those pants around your ankles, know that this video is faker than Kylie Jenner’s dignity. Bella Thorne said so herself.

But you don’t have to take her word for it. Just look at the proof. The video is just an old one of Bella Thorne cut with a random video of some pasty chick buttering her muffin. If you can even call that masturbating. It looks like she was a DJ on a turntable.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure people are still going to masturbate to this. But they’re definitely not going to be happy about it.

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