Bella Thorne’s Ex-Boyfriend Gregg Sulkin Hooks Up With Instagram Model

This is just a chance to post pics of Sahara Ray. Bella Thorne’s ex-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin and Ray were spotted together outside Bourgeois Pig in Hollywood. Ray had her head on Sulkin’s shoulder which totally means they boned earlier.

Sulkin is Bella Thorne’s shoulder to cry on. Even though they aren’t dating right now, or maybe they are, who the hell knows, she ran back to him when Scott Disick used her in Cannes weeks ago. The two were spotted together, Disick feeling Thorne up, and they likely smashed. Then Thorne realized Disick might be an alcoholic and parties too hard for her. So, she bounced, headed back home and hung out with Sulkin.

“Bella and Gregg had a difficult relationship when they were together. She felt like he was too controlling and that’s part of why they broke up, but they’ve been talking for a little while and going back and forth,” a source close to Thorne, 19, tells PEOPLE.

“After hooking up with Scott and feeling like a total fool, she realized she and Gregg had something more special. She started hitting him up after she got back,” says the source.

They f**k, then talk things over, then f**k again. That’s how it works, right?

Along comes Sahara Ray, hoping to get some publicity. Someone calls the paparazzi and here she is in the same sentence as Bella Thorne. Smart.

If you’ve never heard of Ray, check out her Instagram. Will you see boobs and butt? Yes, good lawd yes.

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