Bella Thorne’s Glitter Encrusted Butt

Fourth of July Bella Thorne looks fun. She celebrated the birth of our nation in a red, white and blue swimsuit with glitter on her ass. Too bad John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and anyone else who signed the Declaration of Independence can’t see the glorious nation they founded. If only they could time travel in their buttoned-up coats to 2017, surely they would see Thorne, and say “Daaaaamn!! I do believe my jigglestick has been unfurled!”

She tweeted our her ass in glitter and captioned it: “Don’t worry. I put pants on after I took this photo 💍😘” Pants eh? That’s too bad.

She also tweeted out her wishes to America:

Happy birthday America. I love you and all that you have given to me ❤️

She’s 19, America’s given her Snapchat and Instagram. Those are the two milestones in her life right now. Oh and also a few wild nights with Scott Disick. Are we ever gonna talk about the blind item about her and Disick? Maybe in the future. It’s pretty good.

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