Blac Chyna Branded Some Guy to Get Rob Kardashian’s Attention

Once upon a time, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were in love. He would have done anything for her. Times change, and now they are legally separated. As in, he can get in trouble for going near her. Chyna’s got a new man, and she’s marking her territory.

MechieĀ is the name of Chyna’s new squeeze. They’ve only been hooking up for a few weeks, but he’s already rocking some ink for her. Mechie got “BC” tattooed behind his ear, and now he and Chyna are making sure Rob knows.

Love is grand, but Mechie, what are you thinking bro? What Chyna is feeling ain’t love for you, it’s spite for Rob. She’ll do anything if it hurts him. Why you going and demeaning yourself for her bro.

Unless… “BC” is actually a pretty innocuous tattoo. You can just pretend it stands for “Before Christ” and that you’re really into history. Keep an eye out for the headline that Mechie is a history buff now. Or don’t, because once Chyna is through with him, you’ll never hear about him again.

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