Caitlyn Jenner Somehow Still Surprised by Trump

For whatever misguided reason that I’m too afraid to look up, Caitlyn Jenner voted for Donald Trump. Even though it was obvious that he was going to erode the rights of the community she has become a part of. Caitlyn probably should have seen this coming when Mike Pence became his running mate. It’s like a bear in a bib clanking a knife and fork together while promising not to eat you. Maybe this tweet put her mind at ease.

Anyway, much like many Trump supporters these days, she’s now being filled with a sense of regret after Trump banned trans people from serving in the armed forces. She went on Twitter to ask him about his promise.

Look, Donald Trump is not going to respond to this. He has the memory of a goldfish. His fans think he’s some sort of mad genius troll, but he literally doesn’t understand the concept of Twitter. The only reason people can even reference his past tweets is because he doesn’t realize you can delete them. Caitlyn is just going to have to live with her mistakes like this and and the Kardashians. And, also, we have more important issues to discuss. Like Hillary’s emails.

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