In a Shocking Twist, The New Face of Hooters Is a Tall, Attractive Blonde Woman

In perhaps the most important vote since Brexit, Hooters has named Chelsea Morgensen Miss Hooters International 2017. Morgensen will be the face of the company, appearing in ads, at store openings and various other promotions for the restaurant that we absolutely want to go to because the wings are so good and not because the half-naked waitresses will get fired if they don’t flirt with us.

On winning, Morgensen told FHM “I also want to use my title to help encourage young girls and women to follow their dreams, believe in themselves and love who they are!” And what better role model for young girls than a runway model and aspiring actress who represents a restaurant named after tits. This is why I’m absolutely okay with the new Doctor Who being a woman.

So now, I could continue to pretend to care what she has to say or I could show you some pictures of her from her Instagram. By show of hands… okay that was a fast and overwhelming response.

Look how quirky she is in a completely stage managed way!

Chelsea would have fit right in at Comic-Con.

Have you ever looked at the replies to these models’ Instagram accounts? Thirsty AF.

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