Chris Christie Was Not Giving up His Nachos at a Baseball Game

Chris Christie was taken out to the ballgame. He was bought peanuts and cracker jacks. He hopes to never come back.

Christie decided to take in a Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers game, hoping to escape the stresses of being the governor of New Jersey. Unfortunately for him, even citizens of Milwaukee and Chicago hate New Jersey.

As you can see in the video, Christie gets in the face of a Cubs fan and says, “You wanna act like a big shot?” before waddling down to his seat. The Cubs fan seems confused because who wouldn’t be confused by a governor acting like a parent at a youth baseball game?

If the two had fought, I would have bet $100 on Christie. Did you see the way he was holding those nachos? An earthquake could have hit just him and there’s no way he was spilling those things. This poor Cubs fan would have had a better chance at being named World Series MVP than beating up Christie while he’s holding nachos.

Not only that, but Christie is sitting in normal people seats. This is a man who simply does not care at this point. He could be in a suite like most famous people, eating catered food, but he’s in regular seats eating the disgusting and overpriced ballpark food.

Chris Christie is a man with nothing to lose right now.

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