Conor McGregor Fans Threaten Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend, Abigail Clarke

On paper, dating Floyd Mayweather is smart. He’s really rich. But then you remember that he’s a domestic abuser and maybe have second thoughts. Abigail Clarke, star of Towie, didn’t have second thoughts as she’s currently dating Floyd Mayweather.

The good news is that she’s not texting C.J. Watson. The bad news is that Conor McGregor fans are crazy.

According to The Daily Star, Clarke is constantly harassed by McGregor fans. One fan said, “You plastic slag… You’re loose. Mayweather’s gonna die” to her on the streets. They even went as far as throwing a brick through her home window with a note that said, “F**k the Mayweathers.” A statement so simple even Floyd could read it.

She’s reportedly been having panic attacks and is generally worried for her health and safety.

As she should be. McGregor fans are legit some of the craziest people I’ve ever seen. Look at this. They’re willing to jump in front of cars.

I get harassed on Twitter for writing that “Conor McGregor fans are crazy” like they don’t realize they’re proving my point.

Don’t worry, Abi. I’m sure when Floyd beats Conor, all of his fans will apologize. Until then, keep doing this:

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