Dad Allegedly Killed Son Over Photos of Him Eating Feces From a Diaper

From the lighter side of murder department, Colorado prosecutors have indicted Mark Redwine in the 2012 murder of his son. His alleged motive is that his son had found pictures of him dressed as a woman, wearing a diaper, and eating his own s**t out of the diaper. I want to put a punchline here but honestly, I don’t know how to top that.

It turns out being a crossdressing diaper baby isn’t the only weird and creepy thing about Redwine. His ex-wife alleged that he told her if he ever had to hide a body, he’d do it in the mountains. Dylan Redwine’s body was found in the mountains near his father’s home a year and a half after he disappeared, aside from his skull. According to Dylan’s half-brother, Redwine “mentioned blunt force trauma several times and discussed how investigators would have to find the rest of the body, including the skull, before they could determine if this was the cause of death.” When Dylan’s skull was eventually found, it was discovered that he indeed been killed by blunt force trauma.

A few months after Dylan disappeared, Doctor Phil had his mother and father on his show, because if there’s an upside to a teenager disappearing and being found dead a year later it’s ratings.

Redwine took the opportunity to accuse his ex-wife Elaine Hall of being involved in Dylan’s disappearance. I’m sure having an alleged murderer accuse his ex-wife of a crime and her tearful response made a great act break, though. I didn’t see the show, but I imagine when they came back from commercial Dr Phil had a specialist come in to give Elaine a sassy makeover.

Despite the humor in Redwine’s sexual kinks, the prosecution can’t make their case just because he’s creepy. They have to convince a jury he’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and they have to do it with no murder weapon and no hard evidence of Redwine’s involvement. Redwine is currently being held in Washington awaiting extradition to Colorado.

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6 years ago

Wow… I guess law enforcement finding Dylan’s blood all over his father’s home, and cadaver scent in the home, his truck, and on the clothes he was wearing the night of Dylan’s disappearance is “no hard evidence”? Blunt force trauma to the skull, and tool marks suggesting a decapitation/dismemberment, but again “no hard evidence” in your words. Never mind the fact that the DA in the case said that not all of the evidence they have in this case was brought before the grand jury. And, for your information, Mark Redwine made it clear in the past that a fireplace… Read more »