Daniel Craig and Adele Will Travel Back to 2012 in Upcoming ‘James Bond’ Flick

Daniel Craig will remain James Bond and producers want Adele to perform the theme for the upcoming flick.

Don’t adjust your eyes, it’s still 2017.

Craig seemed all but out as Mr. Bond following 2015’s Spectre, but he must have gotten paid to do at least one more film. I draw this conclusion based on the fact that he said, “it would be for the money” if we were to return as Bond. Finally, an honest man in Hollywood.

The premise of this Bond film should be Craig tracking down his eventual replacement before revealing that it was him all along.

Adele hasn’t signed on to sing the theme just yet, but producer Barbara Broccoli is massaging Adele’s vocals every day in an effort to get them ready. Adele won a Brit Award, Grammy, and Golden Globe for the Skyfall theme.

Craig and Adele ensure that the next Bond film will be another hit. Skyfall is the highest grossing Bond film of all-time. It’s also the #1 non-animated spy film of all-time. Take that, Tom Cruise and Matt Damon.

John Logan, the writer of Spectre and Skyfall, is also back. But no one cares about the writer.

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