David Letterman Would Fire Donald Trump From Dairy Queen and Move Him to Retirement Home

David Letterman was the king of late night. Although he’s retired, his opinion carries a lot of weight. Letterman spoke to the Associated Press on a myriad of topics.

First, he talked about Donald Trump being incompetent.

Here’s what I keep saying: We know there’s something wrong, but what I’m tired of is people, daily, nightly, on all the cable news shows telling us there’s something wrong. I just think we ought to direct our resources and our energies to doing something about it. And other people have made this point: If the guy was running Dairy Queen, he’d be gone.

Letterman would think this. But let me just say that I’ve worked for some extremely incompetent and flat out stupid bosses. They weren’t fired. They continued to run the company to the ground. Americans are dumb. Voting for Trump and not doing everything we can to get rid of him confirms it.

Letterman continued by saying that we need to shut up and take action.

I know there’s trouble in this country and we need a guy who can fix that trouble. I wish it was Trump, but it’s not, so let’s just stop whining about what a goon he is and figure out a way to take him aside and put him in a home.

I like how Letterman suggests we put Trump in a home. How has no one ever thought of this? Putting him in a retirement home is legit the best idea I’ve heard when it comes to getting rid of Trump. Quit whining. Put him in a home.

On the subject of Kathy Griffin cutting off Trump’s head:

As you and I know, you can make jokes about anything. But you have to be prepared to answer the criticism so that’s just what that was. She made a joke. Others have made jokes that were better or worse. And she just had to answer for it. … I felt bad for her. I would not have made the joke. I think and say things to my friends that are worse. But he’s so sensitive. He doesn’t understand why people aren’t nicer to him in the press and you just say, well, ‘Donnie, look at the tone of the campaign that you ran.’

Letterman is right about Trump be sensitive, but Griffin’s joke wasn’t funny.

Now, can we get Letterman to replace Fallon? Thanks.

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