Chrissy Teigen Finally Wears Out Donald Trump, He Blocks Her on Twitter

Chrissy Teigen, a favorite of any good human being on Earth, finally got Donald Trump to block her on Twitter. Before we get to the tweet that Trump into a blocking rage, let’s take a look back at Chrissy’s previous tweets towards our current President.

It all started in 2011:

Those last three tweets show that Chrissy is not a psychic.

In the end, Trump broke Chrissy.

But what was the tweet that broke Trump?

“lol no one likes you.”

That’s all it took. Calling him a racist, calling him insane, fearing for our country because he’s the President. That was fine. But saying, “no one likes you.” That pushed Trump too far. Because, of course it did. If we’ve learned anything these months, it’s that the only thing Trump cares about is being liked. It’s why he spent so much time talking about the amount of votes he received and the turnout for his inauguration. It’s why he power grips during a handshake. He wants to be liked and he wants to be in charge. Blocking Chrissy was his way of saying, “You’re wrong. Everyone likes me. I have power.”

Trump blocking Chrissy over “lol no one likes you” is the perfect summation of Donald Trump.

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