Donald Trump Trolled by Japanese First Lady

Everyone has been in a huff about Donald Trump talking to Vladimir Putin at dinner during the G20 summit earlier this month. While it’s a little unusual for a U.S. President to spend more social time with the leader of Russia as opposed to a close ally like the U.K. or France, I’m not as keen as some people to go to war with the only country on Earth with a nuclear arsenal that rivals our own and welcome Trump’s diplomatic overtures. Also, while Putin is basically the devil, I would probably rather Trump talk to him than to tell Emmanuel Macron how nice it was that he brought his mother to the dinner.

But here’s where the story takes a turn. Trump was interviewed by The New York Times, and in that interview, he said he went to talk to Putin because he had been seated next to Japanese First Lady Akie Abe, who Trump claimed didn’t speak a single word of English. Except Akie Abe is fluent in English, having worked at Dentsu, Inc., one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

So here is the question everyone is asking: Did Akie Abe, known as Akky during her days as a celebrity DJ, just pretend not to speak English to avoid conversing with Donald Trump, or did Trump just lie about it because he forgot that the Internet exists? I think both of these theories are about equally likely. If we know two things about Donald Trump, we know that he’s entirely unpleasant and he’s a near-pathological liar.

Of course, Twitter now loves Akie Abe because of this perceived snub against Trump. But as a few more informed Twitter users have pointed out, Akky has already had her Milkshake Duck moment, pointing out that Abe was involved in a scandal that involved selling land for 14% of its market value to a school that promotes fascist nationalism, the very thing the people celebrating her claim to fear Donald Trump represents.

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