Fine Felon and the Topshop Chick Were Making Out

His name is Jeremy Meeks, but he goes by many names. You may know him as Fine Felon, or Prison Bae, or simply the Hot Mugshot Guy. Meeks is a weird kind of success story, turning heads with his sexy mugshot in 2014, doing two years for gang activity, and spinning his story into a modeling career in 2016.

Her name is Chloe Green. She’s the daughter of Philip Green (sorry, Sir Philip Green), and the heiress to Topshop, his British clothing boutique.

The two of them were spotted sharing a steamy make-out sesh on a yacht off the coast of Turkey. That’s not the kind of life I lead, but I’m not a felon turned model. This seems like par for the course to me.

Oh, except that Meeks is married. That seems to complicate things. I mean, Green is hot and blonde, I get where Meeks is coming from, but unless he’s pursuing an annulment, he’s not getting at any of her hot cash. It’s feasible that he just wanted her hot bod, but checking the Meeks social media accounts complicates the story.

Because wife Melissa Meeks is nowhere to be found. Her Instagram is full of hot solo pics, and her spending time with her kids, but no Jeremy. And he seems to have deleted her from his. Stay tuned, this plot is about to thicken.

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