‘Game of Thrones’ Sacrifices Girth For Length

How do you combat having a shorter Game of Thrones season? By making the episodes longer, of course.

According to a report from Con of Thrones, word is that the Season 7 finale will run 82 minutes and that Season 8 episodes could all be over 80 minutes. I’m very excited for the three-hour series finale.

Season 7 is slated for seven episodes, instead of the typical 10, while Season 8 is only scheduled for six episodes. Of course, if length is added to shows, fans aren’t really losing anything, they’re just forced to remember more things that happen.

Maybe if George R.R. Martin created less characters with less confusing story lines, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Season 7 premieres on July 16. The two trailers that have been released make this season look awesome. I’m actually excited about sitting down and watching this season. Until this news. Now I’m dreading having to sit down and focus on everything longer. I’m not good at focusing. Why are you doing this to me Game of Thrones? Just bring on winter and let’s get this show over with. You’re already planning to torture me with multiple spin-offs. Stop torturing me.

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